Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. “VAR” offers Clients the convenience of providing free product valuations to help you determine the current value of your products in the secondary market. Additionally, VAR’s valuation process does not require a detailed product list; just a few pictures, a few questions, and a few serial numbers are often adequate. VAR can even provide a complete overview of what you should expect to recover for your entire asset management project.


Covering North America, VAR offers a full suite of optional services including Product Cataloging, Deinstallation, Packing, and Logistics; all to ensure that your engagement with VAR is both convenient and cost-effective. For Clients that elect to self-manage the packing process, VAR also offers creative packaging and logistics solutions that can reduce transportation costs and the risks of potential shipping damage.  


Utilizing VAR personnel for most pick-ups in the surrounding regions/states within 250 miles, we augment VAR’s operational service area to span North America by utilizing a network of 20,000 certified technicians to facilitate the safe pick-up and transport of Products to our depots. Deployed on engagements across North America, the VAR Tech Team provides Clients a range of services including:


  •  Onsite Product Cataloging and Valuation

  •  Onsite Deinstallation, Packaging, Palletizing and Pick-up

  •  Onsite Data Destruction and Shredding of Hard Drives


For most Clients in Texas and surrounding states, VAR offers an economical truck pick-up service that includes all packaging, palletizing and transport of Products. For Clients in other locations across North America, VAR offers pick-up services utilizing LTL carriers and the VAR Tech Team. Clients may also opt to utilize their own transportation services to ship retired and surplus Products to VAR.


VAR’s data erasure and sanitization systems and procedures adhere to the NIST 800-88R protocol (which replaced DOD wiping). Options and fees for Data Destruction services include:


  • Blanket Certificate of Data Destruction – Free

  • Serialized Unit-Based (Depot) Hard Drive Data Destruction – $2.50 per Drive

  • Loose Hard Drive (Depot) Hard Drive Data Destruction – $5.00 per Drive

  • Onsite Data Destruction and/or Shredding Services – Individualized Service and Costs


VAR utilizes a world-class ERP system that captures component-level system configuration on Laptops, Desktops, and Servers while facilitating manual data capture by VAR operations on all other assets. This system allows us to provide our Clients serialized audit reports on their Lot(s) within fifteen (15) days of receipt. Focused on improvements to a Client’s Net Recovery, our tech team then judiciously applies labor and the use of replacement parts to prepare the product for resale. Settlement Reports provide detailed information regarding the condition of the product at the receipt, the VAR services performed, the final product condition and configuration, the actual resale price and the Net Recovery amount due to the Client.


VAR provides free removal of Property Tags with optional services for data capture and return of these tags. 


 The three critical components of successful Product Remarketing are:

  • Resale Channel – This is key, and VAR has cultivated our resale channel over four decades.

  • Assigned Costs for Logistics, Audit, Repair, Parts and Product Resale – This is where most companies lose money (and ITAD companies profit). The assigned fees often exceed the recovery value.

  • Product Condition – Although improving product condition (refurbishing) can open up channels of resale to include end-users and other higher recovery channels, it can also incur additional costs that adversely impact the final settlement.


For Clients that want to offer their employees the opportunity to buy retired assets, VAR offers an Employee Buy-Back Program that makes that process easy while also ensuring that sensitive corporate data has been removed from the resold asset.  All received units are first handled using VAR’s standard audit and data destruction processes, then offered to the employee at a discounted wholesale price. VAR handles the collection of payments, shipment and warranty administration.


For Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors, VAR brings decades of experience in Reverse Logistics, Product Remanufacturing and Trade-in Program management to provide you a strategic partner ideally positioned to economically manage these challenges. VAR offers a free initial consultation, so contact us today to learn more.


With extensive experience in managing some of America's largest reverse logistics, repair and service operations for U.S. retailers and third-party service providers (3PSP), our executive team has been at the forefront of industry innovation, introducing numerous innovative solutions in reverse logistics, product returns management, service parts supply, repair and remanufacturing. Our flexibility, knowledge of secondary markets and track-record for processing, repairing, refurbishing and remarketing confirms that point as VAR Executive Team’s list of “industry-first” accomplishments includes:

  • Developed the first PC Remanufacturing & Shared Revenue Remarketing Program - Major OEM

  • Created the first National Computer Trade-in Program. - Major OEM

  • Grew global resale channel from 50 to 7,000 used equipment buyers. - Major Rental/Lease Company

  • Managed all PC Product Returns processing 40,000 PCs each month - Major OEM's Leasing Division

  • Employed an embedded solution at a Client's distribution facility, revamping their reverse logistics, repair and remanufacturing processes for electronics. Converted returns to resalable stock (85%), impacting top-line revenues by more than $10M. - Major Retailer

  • Launched a major reverse logistics, repair and remanufacturing operation performing 5 million repairs a year on electronics raising service revenues from $12 to $140 million in one year. - Major Retailer

  • Fulfilled all service parts demands for the Industry's First Sole-Source supply contract in support of extended warranty contracts, increasing same-day fill-rates to over 97%. - Major Retailer

  • Implemented the first ultra-large scale “Embedded” Reverse Logistics, Repair and Remanufacturing operation, processing over 250,000 cell phones each month. - Major Carrier

  • Created the first (Web-based) PC Trade-In Program with 60,000 Pre-Priced PC values. - Major Retailer

VAR understands every aspect of Product Lifecycle Management - from initial sale to end-of-life.

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