IT Asset Dispositioning (ITAD)

With decades of industry experience and thousands of resale connections, Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. “VAR”, helps Clients recover value from their retired and surplus IT Assets and other Electronics. Employing cost-efficient solutions for logistics, product audit and resale, we maximize value recovery and provide peace-of-mind through our data destruction and re-sale practices.

VAR IT Asset Dispositioning Services include:​

  • Value Recovery providing Maximized Returns on your Technology Investments

  • Data Destruction (NIST 800-88R1 Compliant) with free Certificate of Data Destruction

  • Detailed Asset Management and Manifest Reporting with Serialized Audits

  • Nationwide Logistics and Pick-up Services

  • Removal of Property Asset Tags

  • Environmentally Responsible - Focused on Redeployment instead of Recycling 

  • Customized Returns Management Solutions (using VAR Portal)

  • Employee Buy-Back Program Management

How does this help you?

By handling all the cataloging, labor, logistics, reporting, data destruction,

sales and financial settlements, we make IT Asset Dispositioning easy.


VAR's Key Differentiators

No Fees 

Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. does not charge fees for Product Audits, Data Destruction Services (blanket) or Serialized Asset Management Reporting; resulting in great cost savings for our Clients.

Net Recovery

VAR's approach is to focus on Net Recovery paid to the client, ensuring that logistics, repair, parts, and remarketing costs are appropriately balanced to yield the best financial results at settlement.