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Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc.
ITAD Service Engagement Overview, 
Options & Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. “VAR” as your IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and e-Waste partner for managing End-of-Use computers, data center equipment and other electronic assets. This document is intended to provide guidance regarding what should be expected regarding VAR’s ITAD services, the Options available to you and Frequently Asked Questions.

How does VAR guarantee No-Fees?

For qualified transactions, VAR guarantees a No-Fee structure for clients that utilize our Shared Revenue plan. The No-Fee structure covers VAR’s standard audit, data wiping, detailed reporting, e-waste services (for unsellable assets) and financial settlement. Logistics costs are deducted from the shared revenue recovery paid out to you.


Does VAR offer White-Glove Packing Services or Free Pick-ups? What is your No-Cost Guarantee?

If we’ve determined that there is sufficient value to cover the costs associated to your (optional) selection of VAR’s White Glove packing and/or Pick-up services, the transaction is guaranteed to be a No-Cost transaction. Questions? Contact VAR for a free valuation.


How do we get started?


Contact VAR and we’ll coordinate all necessary Services to meet your needs. To secure a quick Quote, all we need is either a basic list of products (type and count), a few pictures and/or a few serial numbers. VAR tracks resale values so we can give you a quick valuation and quote. If we determine that your pick-up qualifies, we will guarantee a No-Cost (or recovered value) solution.


What are our options for Engaging with VAR for ITAD Services?

VAR offers both Transactional and Contractual ITAD Service Options.


  • Transactional – If you only need our services occasionally (twice a year or less), our transactional services are accommodated by executing a signed Pick-up Sheet which summarizes the project scope, estimating the project recovery value and detailing the services requested. The Pick-up Sheet is completed by VAR’s Purchasing team after speaking with you or a team member about the transaction. Generally, we can get what we need to provide a valuation with a few pictures and sample serial numbers of common items within the inventory. We’ll also ask for details regarding the equipment profile, the logistics required (including pick-up flexibility, building access, requirements for certificates-of-insurance, etc.), the data destruction and reporting requirements and finally, the objectives regarding value recovery and settlement. Upon request, our Transactional service offers both a Direct Purchase and a Shared Revenue Solution.

  • Contractual - Shared Revenue Agreement or Master Services Agreement (MSA) & Statement of Work (SOW). VAR’s Shared Revenue Agreement is ideal for organizations that actively refresh IT assets and need a reliable partner throughout the year to handle all logistics, data destruction, asset reporting and value recovery services for all locations across the US. Our MSA and SOW are designed for major engagements or RFP Responses.

Is there a minimum quantity required to utilize VAR’s ITAD Services?

You would need to speak with a VAR ITAD Services team member to make that determination but in general, if you arrange to ship the product to VAR, the minimum quantity could be as low as ten (10) laptops. However, if you need VAR to make arrangements for shipment, the quantity (and equipment value) would need to be sufficient to cover the logistics and other ITAD service costs. Contact VAR.

What if we have multiple locations, does VAR Service the entire US?

VAR often engages with clients with multiple locations in support of a major refresh project or roll-out. VAR services all locations across the 48 contiguous US states.

Does VAR support global locations?

VAR has established a vetted network of Global ITAD service partners that are fully certified for processing retired IT assets. We’ve also negotiated competitive rates for their ITAD services. Leveraging their ITAD processing capabilities and VAR’s global resale network of 2,500+ dealers in (70) countries, our ITAD support infrastructure spans North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia, allowing VAR to offer world-class ITAD solutions for most IT assets located on five continents.

How quickly can VAR respond?

Usually, we can arrange for a pick-up within 48 hours of notice. 

What are our options for Financial Settlement and how long does it take?

VAR offers three options for Financial Settlement – Direct Purchase, Shared Revenue and Donation. Under a direct purchase option, we pay as soon as we have confirmation that the pick-up is ready. Under the Shared Revenue Option, settlement (with detailed reporting) usually takes between 30 to 45 days. Donations coincide with the Financial Settlement structure selected (purchase or shared revenue).

What is the difference between recovery on a Direct Purchase versus a Shared Revenue transaction?

Although Direct Purchase is the fastest way to secure a financial settlement, the recovered value is often significantly less in a Direct Purchase offer versus the likely Shared Revenue recovery value (as VAR must mitigate our risks).

What are the Shared Revenue Percentages paid by VAR?

The Shared Revenue Percentages paid by VAR varies based on the type of ITAD Engagement 

(Transactional or Contracted), the product age, the product composition (product class e.g. laptops, servers, PCs, etc.), volumes (more is better), product condition (cosmetic grading) and the number of models (less is better). In general, the Shared Revenue Percentages are as follows:


VAR Shared Revenue Percentages Paid to Client (of Actual Sale Price)

Up to 80% - Contractual Engagement (Product <4 years) or Transactional Engagement (Product <3 years)

Up to 70% - Contractual Engagement (Product <5 years) or Transactional Engagement (Product <4 years)

Up to 60% - Contractual Engagement (Product <6 years) or Transactional Engagement (Product <5 years)

Up to 50% - Contractual Engagement (Product <7 years) or Transactional Engagement (Product <6 years)

Up to 35% - All Other Product Age and Engagement profiles


If we want to donate the equipment, is that an Option?

Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. “VAR” is a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and we appreciate any donations. However, we are not a 501C-3 charitable organization. Although engaging with VAR help organizations meet their ESG and diversity vendor goals, if Donation credit is required, VAR would be glad to donate your ITAD Settlement proceeds to the 501C-3 charity of your choice. Note: VAR works closely with three charitable organizations including a disadvantaged youth IT Training charity and two US Military Veteran charities.


  • Per Scholas - We believe a thriving workforce starts with equitable access to education. Over 16k graduates have launched successful careers in tech through our no-cost technical training. Our mission is to advance economic equity through rigorous training for tech careers.



  • The Fisher House Foundation - We build comfort homes where military & veterans families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the (VA) hospital.


Are donations of retired IT assets tax deductible, even when they’re already fully depreciated?

Research related to IRS Publication 561 suggests that donation credit is based on fair market valuation (FMV) and there’s no better arbiter of that measurement than a direct sale of an asset into the secondary market. VAR tracks and reports that value, along with the shared revenue portion paid to the charity, typically 70% of the sale price less assigned costs). Note: VAR has not consulted with a tax attorney and does not represent to know your specific situation. We recommend that you consult a tax attorney regarding the application of FMV and tax deductions, particularly if it is a determinant to your donation decision.

Is VAR’s audit, sales and reporting process transparent?

Yes, VAR gladly shares sample reports to customers to demonstrate what you should expect. VAR reports capture detailed information about the received tracked units, capturing model, serial number, detailed configuration data, and audit results. VAR audits grade unit cosmetics using R2v3 industry standard protocols and ratings, while also noting deficiencies and performing key ready-for-reuse functional tests.


We’re very concerned about Data Security, what is VAR’s process for data sanitization?

VAR uses a data sanitization protocol that is 800-88R1 Compliant, this protocol essentially replaced the DoD wiping protocol (5220.22-M) of prior decades (see VAR Data Sanitization Protocol). Any hard drive that is not able to be successfully wiped is physically destroyed under our R2v3 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified processes. VAR provides a Certificate of Data Destruction (CDD) and Transfer of Liability document to our customers at no cost. VAR’s CDD is backed by a million-dollar insurance policy.

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