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Case Studies

A Major Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) Company

Scope: Providing Technology-as-a-Service solutions to major Corporations, Worldwide Workstation Services, LLC (WWWS) conducted an extensive RFP search for a product remarketing partner to help sell retired assets from our portfolio of (90,000) Computers located in (66) Countries

Challenge: IT assets needed to be sold in country, while others were processed in regional locations e.g., Asia, Europe, Central America, etc. VAR was tasked to resell all these Assets.

Result: VAR has recovered over $2.5 million dollars on the project to date, eclipsing the prior vendor’s (OEM’s - Global Asset Recovery group) paid recovery – by model, by 140%.

Next Steps: VAR was later selected to manage US ITAD operations and we established five international ITAD service partnerships in Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin America & Australia. 

TaaS Case Study

Major Precious Metals Recycler, Client (an IT Reseller)
& (End-User) US Government

Scope: (11,000) 2-in-1 HP Laptop/Tablets used by the US Department of Commerce.

Challenge: Represented initially as A/B Grade, 90% were actually C/D Grade. As most ITAD companies can’t sell this grade (whole) in these volumes, parts recovery would have recovered only $300k.

Result: VAR recovered over $1 million dollars on the project (whole units) using a global resale channel of 2,500 used equipment dealers. 

MSP Case Study

Oil Exploration & Lease Company
Enterprise IT Department

Scope: ITAD and data destruction services for 1,000+ devices in multiple locations over four years

Challenge: Retired products were located across West Texas. Client was initially reluctant to send hard drives but VAR outlined a chain-of-custody and logistics solution using a lockable carrier that mitigated their concerns. All items were tracked, with detailed audit reporting and a Certificate of Data Destruction was issued backed by a million-dollar insurance policy.

Result: VAR has recovered over $100,000 dollars to date in quarterly pick-ups (over 3+ years).

Enterprise IT case study

Trinity Independent School District (Texas)

Scope: Three full truckloads of old IT equipment accumulated over five years.

Challenge: Trinity ISD had solicited multiple recyclers and ITAD companies over a period of two years to bid on removal of their assets. All had submitted substantial estimates that would cost Trinity ISD thousands of dollars to process their assets, for this ITAD / e-Waste project.

Result: VAR guaranteed a no-cost solution and even though a large cache of CRTs (previously not listed) were in the mix, VAR was able to complete the project at no cost to Trinity ISD.

School Case Study

Lancaster Independent School District (Texas)

Scope: (800) 6-8 year old Chromebooks and laptops, along with about 50 monitors and printers.

Challenge: Lancaster ISD had previously only recycled their equipment as they were told it was low-level technology and it was too old to be of value.

Result: VAR guaranteed a no-cost shared revenue solution. Once VAR processed and settled the Lot about 30 days after pick-up, they shocked the school district by paying them $35,778.

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